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We are Kuirsta and Seth! And we LOVE what we do!

Take a look around and get a feel for the KS experience. Below you'll find a few fun facts about what makes us, us.



Kuirsta grew up in Michigan. Not the Michigan most outside of Michigan think about when they hear the state's name, but the way a lot of Michiganders grew up. On a farm, with her Mother, Father, two sisters, and her brother. This is where she first developed her love of capturing life as it happened. Although, she went on to graduate college with a degree in Elementary Education, she always felt the pull of photography. After meeting Seth, she decided that she would finally pursue her passion, and take the leap by creating Kuirsta Marie Photography. After a year and a half, Seth caught the shutter bug too. He always supported Kuirsta by providing 'tech support', but he always wanted to learn more. Starting with a computer and finishing with a camera they decided that it was time to create Kuirsta + Seth together.

So here we are: eager, talented, and ready to be your photographers.
Now we want to hear your story. Shoot us an email or give us a call!